Cormiston Road Subdivision


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The Cormiston Road Subdivision is a high-end private strata housing development located in Riverside, Launceston with a total of 18 townhouses to be built.The project had significant site restrictions including storm water management and on-site detention. The site has an average site gradient of 10% and is a low risk landslide site. The project also had significant complexity with the installation of large precast concrete storm water detention tanks, which required multiple crane lifts and temporary works to complete.

IPD Consulting were engaged to design and document the civil works for the development and seek approvals from West Tamar Council and TasWater. IPD Consulting also undertook a significant amount of hydraulic modelling and liaised with authorities to deliver a project which has stalled for some 10 years become a reality. IPD Consulting completed the tender phase and awarded the construction contract to The Baker Group and acted as the Superintendent for an AS4000 construct only contract and as the client’s engineer.