Mill Creek Dam - Duck Irrigation Scheme


Shaw Contracting for Tasmanian Irrigation

Project Value

circa $8.0 million


Water Infrastructure

The Mill Creek Dam is a 24.5m high, High B consequence category zoned earth embankment irrigation dam forming the supply storage for the Duck Irrigation Scheme, located near Smithton in Tasmania’s North West. Mill Creek Dam has a storage volume of 5900ML and a catchment size of 12.9km2.

IPD Consulting were engaged by Shaw Contracting to undertake the design in conjunction with GeoTon Pty Ltd. IPD Consulting were responsible for undertaking the dam break analysis and consequence category assessment, catchment hydrology and spillway sizing, reinforced concrete spillway design capable of passing the 1 in 50,000yr design rainfall event, with water velocities in excess of 25m/s, stilling basin design, hydraulic and structural design of the 168m long DN800 8mm WT MSCL outlet pipe, including the floating intake structure, environmental discharge pipework, including automated flow controlling valves to ensure compliance with strict environmental requirements