Carlton River Bridge - Temporary Works


Hazell Bros Pty Ltd

Project Value

$5.3 million



The Carlton River Bridge Replacement project funded by both the Tasmanian and Australian Governments, is located near Copping on the Arthur Highway in Tasmania's South, will involve the demolition of the existing bridge structure and construction of a new, larger reinforced concrete bridge, including widening and raiding of the road approaches.

IPD Consulting were engaged by Hazell Bros Pty Ltd to undertake design services for the temporary diversion road, including the a temporary culvert design to withstand a 72 m3/s flow event. IPD Consulting worked with Hazell Bros Pty Ltd to complete the design quickly to ensure construction works on site were not restricted. This resulted in the use of ten 1.8m diameter corrugated culverts to pass the required flow under the temporary diversion road. IPD Consulting also ensured that the diversion road was economically designed to balance the project requirements with the likely service period of the road, and completed construction phase reviews and inspections to ensure compliance with the design intent.